It's been a busy few months!  John, a tech superstar from the original Startup Weekend, and his partner Michelle have been helping out on babySIMPLIFY and we should have it up soon.  All of the images are done and I'm working on the copy for the recommendation pages.

In daycareSIMPLIFY news, I was contacted by a reporter at the Globe and Mail newspaper who is doing an article on daycare waiting lists.  He was very interested in our concept and hopefully we'll get some good PR in the national paper.

5/13/2012 03:13:48 am

Hi Alison,

I read your story in the G&M and thought that your description of your expertise in childcare and the seminars that you hold for parents was a perfect fit for what my startup does. Expert Calendar is a "B2B Skillshare" and is built for consultants to auto generate prospects through lunch and learn type seminars and an auto emailer, but what I'm finding is that there are many people, even in my own circle, who are not formal consultants, but who have expertise that businesses and people want. Yours is at an interesting cross section of these because you could probably find many businesses who are losing productivity when their employees cannot find reliable childcare and would welcome a lunch and learn type seminar coupled with your proprietary technology.

Here are a couple of examples of seminars that have been created that couple expertise with proprietary technology:

Anyhow, we would like about 60 beta users and I would love to have you as one of them. If you would like to be part of this you can directly create a profile and seminar. If you are not sure, or need a bit of help setting it up, let me know and I'll walk you through it.


4/17/2016 03:54:55 am

Wow, that's wonderful news! It seems to me that it's very exsiting being interviewed by reporter of the Globe.
Lots of luck to you and your project! It's a wonderful idea and it's very helpful.


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