Proud parents (founders) Alison Gibbins and John Griffiths are pleased to announce the birth of their baby (website) named babySIMPLIFY Dot Com on at 10:36am on Wednesday, July 11, 2012.  Alison and John were headed to the International Startup Festival in Montreal on the special Startup Train.  All are doing well and we’ve had over 6,000 visits in the past week!

It's been a busy few months!  John, a tech superstar from the original Startup Weekend, and his partner Michelle have been helping out on babySIMPLIFY and we should have it up soon.  All of the images are done and I'm working on the copy for the recommendation pages.

In daycareSIMPLIFY news, I was contacted by a reporter at the Globe and Mail newspaper who is doing an article on daycare waiting lists.  He was very interested in our concept and hopefully we'll get some good PR in the national paper.