Proud parents (founders) Alison Gibbins and John Griffiths are pleased to announce the birth of their baby (website) named babySIMPLIFY Dot Com on at 10:36am on Wednesday, July 11, 2012.  Alison and John were headed to the International Startup Festival in Montreal on the special Startup Train.  All are doing well and we’ve had over 6,000 visits in the past week!

babySIMPLIFY.com is developing well!  We've created and user tested wireframes.  The initial design was completed and I went out to get expectant parent feedback.  Got lots of great comments and decided to change the logo.  I personally like the old logo with the baby on it, but the potential users overwhelmingly liked the simple, text only logo - so that's what we're going with!

I'm awaiting final mockups of the page designs and will post them to this site as soon as they are available.  A very talented artist, Lorna Livey (www.lornalivey.com) is busy working on all of the product illustrations.

Next step will be reworking the back end code and getting the beta site up.

On the business side, I've been chatting with lots of great technical folks and have a few good leads for technical support in the future.  I'm also considering applying to Dragon's Den!  Last night I saw a website get offered a valuation of $350k or more with only a prototype, no users, and no revenue.  They turned the offers down but got great exposure to the Canadian market.
Had our first real customer inquiry today from the babySIMPLIFY website!  A customer heard about the site from colleagues and he filled in all of the survey info and submitted a e-form through the website.

I followed up tonight with a call to him and he was really interested in the website and is looking forward to the full launch.  I offered him and his wife a personal consultation, but I guess he had yet to tell his wife about it.  (mental note: must include refer to friend/spouse functionality in the full build).  In my experience, it's usually the soon to be mom who plans the baby purchases so I wasn't surprised that he wanted to get her involved.  So I'll be following up soon with the wife to get feedback on the site and provide them with their complimentary personal consultation.