Proud parents (founders) Alison Gibbins and John Griffiths are pleased to announce the birth of their baby (website) named babySIMPLIFY Dot Com on at 10:36am on Wednesday, July 11, 2012.  Alison and John were headed to the International Startup Festival in Montreal on the special Startup Train.  All are doing well and we’ve had over 6,000 visits in the past week!

7/18/2012 02:33:25 am

I love this baby announcement. It's so appropriate for the nature of your business.

4/17/2016 03:42:38 am

Wonderful news! But the title sounded a little bit frightening.
It seems to me that this project is very interesting and perspective. Thank you for sharing those news!

8/24/2016 01:36:33 am

Talented people can born their baby even in the train. Thanks a lot for your article.


When people are so busy and constantly on the road, it's no wonder that it happened on the train on the way to the festival.


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